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Classic FPV

During a classic FPV service I use a drone with a GoPro action camera.
His small size and recording quality are the perfect combo for all your shots.
While shooting, they are two possibilities :
The first with a fast, stealthy and agile drone to take exterior shots in open spaces and at very high speed ; the drone can reach 150km/h !
The second with a protected drone that can be used safely in any environment.
Ideal for close-up, indoor flights, and tight spaces...
The possibilities are unlimited,

so let your imagination go wild.

Cinema FPV

Red final blanc.png
logo RED 1.png
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Cinema FPV is the future of aerial cinematography with a drone.
This service combines a larger drone like cinelifter reaching 120km/h and a cinema camera up to 2kg !
During this service I would adapt the drone to the environment and choose the one that best suits the situation.
The combo of this larger drone and the RED Komodo I use, offers unlimited possibilities and an incredible range in post production.
The future is now.

Cinema FPV

Cinema FPV

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